Apollo Hospitals introduces a new paradigm in Cancer Care

06-08-2016 02:08:45

August 3, 2016:Apollo Hospitals has now converted its cancer management infrastructure into anindependent functional entity, Apollo Cancer Institutes. Apart from creatingindependent institutes, Apollo has networked these institutes to leverage thestrengths of all its specialists and the technology across the country.Apollo Cancer Institutes in Chennai, Hyderabad,New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bilaspur, Bengaluru and Madurai are part of thisnew initiative. All of them work on a common platform using standardizedprotocols ensuring uniform standards of care for every patient walking into theApollo ecosystem.

Today with the molecular understanding of tumorcells and availability of Chemo sensitivity techniques, the same type of cancerin different individuals is treated with different drugs. Similarly, newersurgical techniques using minimally invasive (Robotic Surgery) technology makesexcision of tumors more precise and accurate.

All these techniques apart from enhancingprecision and personalizing treatment also bring down the complication rates,shorten treatment duration and deliver far better results. Thus precisiononcology at Apollo Cancer Institutes gives hope to every patient and deliverscare that achieves the goal of conquering cancer.

Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Group ofHospitals while announcing precision oncology at Apollo Cancer Institutes said,"Cancer has been a dreaded disease and is threatening to harm millions ofindividuals in the community. It is estimated that over a million deaths occurdue to caner in India every year and this rate is skyrocketing. We cannot letthis cancer epidemic go on."